How do you get ready to play when you can't leave home?


This is a LIMITED-TIME offer.

While we're all dealing with COVID-19 crisis,

we'll do your evaluation, create your training plan, and manage your process remotely. We'll track your progress and update your plan on a daily basis.

SAVAGE Satellite Training

Record a movement screen and a sample of your throwing, pitching, and/or hitting mechanics, and let us design a customized training plan.

  • Movement Prep, Mobility Training
  • Throwing/Hitting Plan
  • SAVAGE Strengthening
  • SAVAGE Power
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Arm Care/Recovery
  • You will receive the results of your assessment, and your training plan within 48 hours.
  • We'll update your training plan daily to meet your ever-changing specific needs.


With a few simple movement tests and a video of your throwing or hitting motion, we'll design an individualized training plan to meet your needs

Backed by Data

We'll use our Dynamic Systems, Data Driven model to quantify your current status, and document your progress.

Result Driven

We'll reassess you every week and use the objective data we collect to modulate your plan and maximize your results

How does it work?

Step 1

Click on one of the options above, or call


Let's have a conversation on what you struggle the with most and how we can help you improve your game.

Step 2

Record Your Videos

In 2 hours or less, we'll send you instructional videos on how to record your physical screen and your throwing and/or swing pattern.

Step 3

Receive Your Training Plan

When you send your videos in, we'll complete your assessment within 2 business days and send you written and video instructions on all the drills and exercises prescribed.

Step 4

Weekly Follow-up & Adjustment

You'll execute your plan, send in your training log daily, and follow up with weekly reassessments and unlimited coaching call access.

What You Get With SAVAGE Satellite Training :


Monthly Physical Screen


Weekly Video Analysis Of Your Mechanics


Monthly Mobility and Strength Plan


Unlimited Coaching Call Access


Daily Mindset And Technical Contente Email

Video Links To Instructional Videos for All Assigned Drills & Exercises


Daily Review Of Your Training Log With Intervention As Needed

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